About Liz Patten

LizHello, I'm Liz Patten and I came to Christ when I was 14 (too long ago now!). My connection with Chase Family Church (or Winchmore Hill Christian Fellowship as it was then) was pretty much immediate as the person who brought me to the LORD, apart from being my RE teacher in school, was a member there and invited me along. When I was 19 and studying in France, I was really challenged about whether I'd be willing to accept a call to (overseas) mission. Then came a moment of surrender, which later God took me up on by calling me to work "full time" for Him. I say that advisedly because I believe that every Christian should be working "full time" for Him, whatever form that takes!

Chase Family Church "home grew" me for a number of years and testified to my calling, which took me first to the Cameroon and then to Portugal, after which I joined CLC International as a full-time missions worker. That was almost 20 years ago and I have served in various UK locations as well as in Portugal (again) and Angola. About 12 years ago I came back to London and later managed the CLC bookshop in Holborn Viaduct for a while.


Somehow I felt that my involvement with Africa wasn't finished, and in 2008 CLC asked me to take the post of Africa regional director. In effect that means working closely with the national team leader in the African countries where CLC has a ministry, helping them to develop and expand the work in their country. It also means pursuing the possibilities of opening a CLC ministry in "new" African countries. It is a responsibility which brings high highs and low lows, but whatever the case, it has always been and will remain a privilege to serve the LORD.

What is CLC all about? Well, our purpose statement is "to bring glory to God by making Christian resources available to all nations, so that people may come to faith and maturity in the LORD JESUS CHRIST". We are currently doing that in 58 countries around the globe, through bookshops, mobile work, publishing, wholesale distribution, websites, projects and other events.

Many UK-based CLC workers do not receive a salary and I am grateful to CFC for being the channel of God's faithful provision from the start. Not only financially but also as a spiritual home base. The leaders are very supportive of me personally and also they understand and appreciate CLC's ministry. Also the CFC missions prayer group give me a real sense of backing. I still help in CLC's London bookshop on a semi-regular basis, otherwise working from an office at home in south London and travelling to Africa various times a year as the LORD leads.

I would not swap God's call on my life for anything that this world can offer. After salvation I would say it is the most precious thing I have.

I guess I wouldn't quite be myself if I didn't make a plug for Africa! So, if you'd like to find out about one current project, then please take a look at  Shop-in-a- Box.

Liz Patten, 09/07/2012
Mike Orchard (Guest) 28/02/2017 23:40
It's wonderful to read of God's continued faithfulness in your life Liz. You have have been, and continue to be a great example to many. May we all fulfil the purposes that God has for our lives.
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