'Health and Safety - Chase Family Church Centre (CFCC).

The CFCC is a precious gift from God and we should use it in a responsible manner.  Jesus tells us to 'Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone (Matt 16.15), so the CFCC is a valuable venue for reaching our brothers and sisters in other churches and the community.  It is attractive, functional and welcoming, with a wonderful sense of peace that only years of prayer can bring to a building.  The Elders are committed to ensuring the safety, as far as is reasonably practicable, of all those who attend the Centre, and have sponsored induction courses for those lead users who are responsible for events within the building.

This page, approved by the Elders of CFC, has links to several resources that provide information and guidance.  In order to avoid duplication or omission the content is available on a 'read-only' basis and is managed by Jeremy Applegarth and Angela Passant who can be contacted for further information.'

Health and Safety affects all Places of Worship from the smallest chapel to the largest cathedral no matter what the circumstances.

There are a number of reasons why Health and Safety is essential for every Church or Place of Worship, however the main aim is simple: to prevent harm to people - including employees, volunteers, members and the public.


You will find information on to help you create a safe place to work and worship, starting with Risk Assessment.


Blank Risk Assessment


Download our blank Risk assessment form.



Download the notes from the induction training.

Groups Risk Assessments

Band Practice RA

Bereavement Group RA

Bring and Share Lunch RA

Cleaning RA

Craft Group RA

Dynamite RA

 Freedom in Christ RA

 Language Class RA

 Midweek Class RA

 Pins & Neeedles RA


Belong RA


Jeremy Applegarth, 11/04/2012