Our Mission, Vision and Values

CHASE Family Church declares the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the borough of Enfield and beyond through links that God has given us. It is overseen by Elders and led by Elders and Leaders within the Church. 

Our Mission
To make disciples of Jesus Christ in Enfield and the places that God leads us to both in the UK and abroad


Our Vision

To build a family of God’s people characterised by faith and love, and serving one another and our community.

Our Values
  • Confident in the truth: understanding, celebrating and defending the truth of the Gospel

  • Urgent in evangelism: creative, engaging and persuasive proclamation of Christ crucified and raised

  • Passionate about unity: gathering and uniting all Christians around the essential truths of the Gospel

  • Committed to the local church: believing it is the primary and life-long place of Christian ministry and discipleship

  • Motivated by grace: rejoicing in our salvation, serving one another and those who do not know Christ

  • Generous in world mission: endeavouring to give and send, to do our part in reaching the world for Christ

Our Strategy 
  • Christian Church: living for Jesus and speaking for Jesus – made up of missional communities functioning within the heart of the borough of Enfield and surrounding area

  • Together in the Gospel: bringing together Christians and uniting in worship, and core truths of the Gospel

  • Gifting: being open to the Holy Spirit’s leading, and to His giftings to fulfil God’s purpose within the church

  • Neighbours: reaching neighbours, whether at work or living within the same street, for Christ. Giving maximum integrity, maximum creativity and maximum opportunities for evangelism.