Marriage Preparation


This is what one couple wrote 2 years after their marriage :-


Pre Marraige"Mick and Mary are some of the kindest most welcoming people around. It was a pleasure to sign up to and participate in the marriage course that they ran for us leading up to our wedding. We were quite new to the church at the time but Mick and Mary made things so relaxed and stress free that we felt at ease to share and discuss the vital things that need addressing before two people get married.
The course material was very good. It covered a wide range of topics and did not leave many stones unturned. It had a great balance of Christian principles and sensible wisdom that have set us on a good track right from day one. I can still remember some of the discussions and how well Mick and Mary facilitated the course. I would completely recommend this course to my friends and would absolutely encourage any couple to spend time with Mick and Mary! Great course made good by a brilliant couple."

 You want your marriage to last a lifetime, so isn't it worth investing a little time before you launch into the adventure?

We have a number of experienced couples in the Church who can help but the two couples who have been trained have moved to new pastures. We will train others in due course but it’s so important we will make it happen.  In the interim, speak to one of the Elders who will arrange it.

At the time of writing this for the first time the highest court in the land has upheld a pre nuptial agreement and an heiress is pleased to be hanging on to her cash! Strange how some people make an agreement to stay together “till death do us part” but just in case sign this. Maybe the truth is that the expectation is that hopefully it will last a good few years but we are prudent people lets have an agreement.

Christians are supposed to believe in marriage and honour it and not take to it lightly as some versions of the wedding service put it.
If you want to get married at Chase we don’t just recommend a pre marriage course we insist on it! Why? If you really want a marriage to last a lifetime then it’s essential to get off to a flying start. You may be getting married elsewhere who have no course available and we would be pleased to help.

The course we use is by kind permission of the Church of Christ the King Brighton and is aptly named “WISE BEFORE THE EVENT”

Session titles

    • What’s love got to do with it?
    • Marriage expectation and goals
    • Knowing me, knowing you
    • Roles in marriage
    • Communication-the name of the game
    • Families –Who’d have them?
    • Money, money, money
    • Let’s talk about sex
    • Children and family planning
    • You, me and Jesus
The format is the couple take away a questionnaire to complete which they then swap with their fiancé. This is enlightening and they come back to the course leaders and chat over the matters. The course leaders do not ask to see the questionnaires. Depending on how much the couple have already communicated (it varies a lot) the course can be completed in as little as 6 sessions (doubling up on some) or as many as 10.
Typically each meeting would last a couple of hours and that also varies as to how well the couple know the course leaders. The first session could easily be more of a social “getting to know each other” time if necessary.