Chase Coffee House is
maintained and run by
Margaret Thomas.

Chase Coffee House has become an established part of the Chase Family community running on Thursday mornings between 10am til 12noon, it has been running at the CFC Centre faithfully for five years and it keeps fully stocked up with homemade cakes and fresh coffee.


"Chase Coffee House was originally started by Martin Higgins, which used to be on special Saturdays, run by the young people from Firestorm. There are still some special Saturdays, for example at Christmas, when it is run and on those occasions there is live music, often the CLC bookshop and other things going on.

God gave me the vision for a regular coffee morning with a difference on a regular basis and Thursdays Chase Coffee House was born. My vision had always been for it to be a place where people could come and bring friends to introduce them to the Church, a place where they could get to know other people in a non-threatening environment. I had always prayed this could eventually lead to conversations about Christianity and Jesus. It is also a vehicle to invite people along to other events run by Chase such as Alpha, Freedom in Christ or in recent years, Mission Week. There is always someone on hand to pray with, if that’s what’s needed, Recently we had one lady who came along, was prayed for and gave her heart to the Lord – what a great blessing that was.

I always wanted it to not just be a ‘coffee morning’ where you got a luke warm coffee or tea and a biscuit, but to be something a little bit more. I thank God that He has shown me how to give it that bit extra so now we always have a selection of cakes, mostly homemade, including Gluten & Dairy Free options, different varieties of coffee or tea or cold drinks. A donation of £1 for a drink and a piece of cake is cheaper than the regular high street coffee house.

We regularly get 25-35 people, and it is a joy that quite a few men come along as well. We get friends, friends of friends, people from other churches and some of the neighbours from Shirley Road popping in. A few young mums from Springers come along especially during school holidays, so there are a great variety of age groups. There is even an area for parents to look after younger children if they wish to use it.

So, if you’re feeling a bit lonely, on the edge of the church or even want to have a business meeting, this is the place to be, THURSDAY FORTNIGHTLY 10AM – 12NOON, including School Holidays. If anyone would like to bake a cake regularly or occasionally, offers are always gratefully accepted."

Margaret Thomas, 2017

 Upcoming Events 
Thursday 27 June
10:00Chase Coffee House @ Chase Family Church Centre, Shirley Road
Thursday 11 July
10:00Chase Coffee House @ Chase Family Church Centre, Shirley Road
Thursday 25 July
10:00Chase Coffee House @ Chase Family Church Centre, Shirley Road
Thursday 8 August
10:00Chase Coffee House @ Chase Family Church Centre, Shirley Road