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Slide1Is a 6 week course about family and parenting which develops skills that produce a healthy routine or “heartbeat” of the family. The course was developed not by academics but by parents of 5 children so they hope to envision you by sharing their experience. The course leaders, who have 2 children, have learnt so much that they want to help others but we are all still learning.

It is for anyone who is a parent, from those who have young babies to those who have teenagers. If you are parenting on your own, or with a spouse or partner. If you have one child or ten! For those who are finding being a parent ‘kind of tough going’ at the moment or those who are loving every minute of it! The course is sponsored by Chase Family Church and is based on Christian values. However, the participation in the course is open to all, whether you are a Christian or not and places you under no obligation as regards to church attendance.

A typical evening begins with a talk which will be followed by refreshments and then smaller discussion groups. The topics covered include having a vision for our family, how to reach our children’s hearts, our examples as parents, love and relationships, communication, discipline, our values, faith and other influences on our families. The course has its own handbook as well as a book for further reference.

The course topics are
What has happened to parenting?
The five love languages
Make hay ... while the sun shines!
Who’s pulling their strings?
Who is in charge?
A question of discipline
Actions speak louder
Hold the dream
The course is lead by Sheena and Jeremy Applegarth have been married for 15 years and have 2 children.
They both work full time and have been involved in Youth work for many years and are house group leaders and are gaining `hands on` experience by the day!
Mick and Mary LeBaigue are mentors for the course, they are married and have 2 grown up daughters. They have run parenting courses in both the UK and Uganda and are involved in school assemblies and after school clubs and lead the teaching at Chase Family Church for the children.

Watch this video by the authors of the course to find out their thoughts or Contact the Elders for further information