firestormbannerSchool Years: 6 upwards


Firestorm is the youth work that takes place at Chase Family Church Centre in Enfield covering young people from school years 6 and above every Friday night during school term.
Come and chill out on comfy sofas, have fun with mates, play Xbox or Wii, pool, table tennis and football and other games.

On Friday Nights we have games nights, tournaments, dance and drama workshops, we make stuff and loads more. As well as nights out like bowling, progressive meals we also have trips away including our Easter trip to Letton Hall.

There are plenty of activities and events that the young people can be involved in. Enough meetings with space for them to make decisions on their own and build a personal relationship with God

Firestorm is open to young people school years 6 plus 

Doors open at 7.00pm and the club finishes at 9:30 pm.

Entry is 50p per week and there is a tuck shop open during the evening

The Aims of Firestorm:

  • Firestorm is part of, and predominantly run by members of the Chase Family Church.
  • The heart of Firestorm is to see a generation empowered by the life they have in Jesus Christ. Firestorm is committed encouraging and supporting young people in their faith, and equipping them to reach their generation with the message of Jesus Christ.
  • To see young people bring other young people to the place where they can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
  • To encourage each young person, by teaching and example, to grow in their faith and their daily walk with God.

Having Friends:
Being part of Firestorm is about having friends, many young people today do not have good friends, they are only there for a while. When you come to any of the events in the Youth @ Chase you will be made to feel welcome, meet new young people who soon become your friends.

 Upcoming Firestorm Events