Sunday Celebration

Sunday Morning is our main celebration meeting with praise, worship and teaching.  Christian or not you are welcome to join us for this celebration. Is there a dress code? No! Just come wearing something comfortable.


We normally meet at Enfield Grammar Upper School, see the map below, however for special ocations we will use the Chase Family Church Centre, however we always inform you in advance.  The service starts at 10:30 and finishes at 12:00, with tea and coffee available after the meeting.


If you are new to the church please make yourself known to us, either at the door when you arrive or over coffee at the end of the meeting. 


If you have children there is a creche and classes for children and youth which they are welcome to join.  On the other hand, if they would feel more comfortable staying in the main service with you they are welcome to do so. 


We look foward to seeing you.


 Upcoming Speakers 
24/01/2021 10:30
31/01/2021 10:30
03/02/2021 20:00
07/02/2021 10:30
10/02/2021 20:00
14/02/2021 10:30


 Where we meet 


Children and Youth activities on Sunday Morning

Age Range
DayBreak 0-3
Sunshine 3-6
Launchpad School years 2-5
Dynamite School years 6-8
Delta School years 9+
Sunday Summer Madness Special summer event for the 2-13s